Single Family Home Services

Broadstone Real Estate, doing business as Broadtree Home Rentals, provides single family home acquisition and property management services exclusively for Broadtree Residential. Broadtree Home Rentals’ roots run deep when it comes to spotting a good value in an acquisition and serving valued residents. With significant experience in the multi-family rental market, we’re proud of our long-term relationships with residents built on providing comfortable living environments in great neighborhoods combined with superior customer service.


Our approach to acquiring single-family homes for Broadtree Residential is driven by the offering’s mandate to acquire homes in markets where there’s a sturdy balance of attractive current income and long-term price appreciation. We start by selecting a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), then zero in on school districts within that MSA that are excellent performers—districts where families will want to locate for the long-term. From there, we identify the most appealing neighborhoods within those school districts.

When considering an acquisition, we put prospective properties through a stringent evaluation process that considers:

  • Whether the property is currently in acceptable current condition
  • If renovation costs would be within set limits
  • If there are any rental rate hurdles to overcome

Where we look

While we continue to expand our geographic diversity, Broadstone is currently acquiring single-family homes in four markets.

  • Rochester, New York
  • Palm Beach County, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

Property Management

As the Broadtree Residential exclusive property manager, Broadtree Home Rentals provides marketing, leasing, renovation, make ready and reporting services and performs all resident services such as move-ins, rent collections, renewals and move-outs for homes owned by Broadtree Homes.

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