Investment Strategy

Boasting a heritage of property acquisitions experience and capital markets expertise, the Broadtree Residential team seeks to acquire multifamily apartment communities and portfolios of stabilized, single family rental (SFR) homes as it continues to build its diversified, residential income REIT.

The portfolio is constructed to provide investors with a stable, predictable stream of dividend income (dividends may be sheltered from current income taxation), and potential for principal appreciation by virtue of increases in property values and rent.       

Why invest in a diversified residential portfolio?

The U.S. homeownership rate remains historically low, as nationwide demand for diverse forms of rental housing grows. This presents a tremendous opportunity for investors interested in capitalizing on rentership trends. The business model and strategy are based on working to minimize risk by acquiring portfolios of stabilized homes and communities, in desirable neighborhoods, incenting residents to enjoy their Broadtree home for the long term. The ability to raise rents as the economy and inflation allow would position Broadtree to be able to increase distributions to Shareholders¹.

Team Expertise

Broadtree Residential is backed by a proven, experienced team with expertise in acquiring, leasing, managing and maintaining both multifamily communities and stabilized portfolios of single family homes for rent. Broadtree is a long-term investor that prides itself on offering residents stabilized and comfortable homes in safe and desirable neighborhoods. All property types are managed by a cohesive team, allowing for more seamless tenant transitions between various Broadtree property types as family needs change and grow—offering quality and stability for years to come.

¹Annual distribution per share is not guaranteed and is determined at the discretion of the Broadtree Residential Independent Board of Directors. The dividend yield is based on the current Determined Share Value (DSV) of $10.25 per share.
Past performance is not indicative of future performance.  All performance data is net of fees and expenses.  Please view an important list of disclosures and risk factors.